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On-Premise releases

What's New


Places API / Geocoder API / Suggest API

  • Introduced support for PostgreSQL v14, PostgreSQL v11 is deprecated.
  • Introduced support for PostGIS v3.3, PostGIS v2.5 is deprecated.

Navigation APIs

Keys API

  • Golang updated to v1.19.1.

What's New

GIS Platform

  • Added the portal.max_body_size setting to the Helm chart, allowing you to control the maximum size of a file that can be uploaded via Portal web UI.
  • Added the -k argument to the configure.sh configuration script, allowing you to skip the connection security verification when connecting via HTTPS.

First release of On-Premise includes the following services:

  • Maps - a set of services that allow displaying maps in web applications and websites.
  • Search - a set of services that allow searching and retrieving information on various objects such as organizations, buildings, public places, etc.
  • Navigation - a set of services that allow building routes and getting information about travel time and distance between points on the map.
  • GIS Platform - a web-based solution for working with geospatial layers and performing geo-analytical tasks.