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CityLens is a service for capturing and processing images that allows you to:

  • Get an image in driving mode through the mobile app.
  • Process images, detect incidents and classify them using AI Computer Vision algorithms.
  • Analyze the results and make reports.
CityLens service architecture

CityLens consists of the following components:

  • CityLens Mobile Application — application for collecting tracks and frames.
  • citylens-api — API for transferring data from external applications to Kafka.
  • citylens-predictions-saver — tool for saving predictions from different services in PostgreSQL.
  • citylens-track-metadata-server — tool for saving track data except frames from Kafka to PostgreSQL.
  • citylens-frames-saver — tool for saving data from Kafka: frames to S3, metadata to PostgreSQL.
  • citylens-web — frontend part over the data from PostgreSQL. Allows you to see operations with data and prediction results.
  • citylens-pro-reporter — tool for sending data to Urbi Pro.

Shared infrastructure:

  • Apache Kafka — data storage for storing events, related to API keys.
  • PostgreSQL — data storage for tracks, metadata, and predictions.
  • S3 storage — frames data storage.

Detailed requirements for each service are listed in the System requirements document.

What's next?

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