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Urbi Pro service is a convenient and powerful analytics tool for management and business decision-making. Analyze large amounts of data and easily visualize the results right on the map.

Urbi Pro can help:

  • Choose a location for your business.
  • Get data on demand, population, and organizations accurate to the building.
  • Compare the metrics of your objects with the analysis of the territory and improve business efficiency.
  • Find out where to place outdoor advertising.
  • Determine where orders can be delivered within 15 minutes at any time of the day.

Main features:

  • Analytics

    Flexibly adjust the analytics parameters to your needs with dozens of filters. View detailed data and statistical slices for any item on the map.

  • Data Management

    Customize data selection to your needs. Use prepared data and upload your own. Dozens of available filters will help you create up-to-date analytics specifically for your business task.

  • Details

    Detailed data at any time and at any scale: consider the city as a whole or by individual sections — study a specific building, entrance, or organization.

  • Visualization

    Present the results of the analysis on the map in the most convenient way for yourself: heatmaps, hexagons, dots, etc.

Urbi Pro is part of the On-Premise software package. This is a set of services that you can install in your infrastructure.