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Configuration file

Before running DGCLI, you need to create a configuration file.

The configuration file has the following structure:

key: <License key>
log-format: <text | json>

    type: <s3 | fs>

    # S3 storage settings
    host: <Installation Artifacts Storage hostname and port>
    secure: <bool>
    bucket: <Installation Artifacts Storage bucket name>
    access-key: <Installation Artifacts Storage access key>
    secret-key: <Installation Artifacts Storage secret key>

    # FS (filesystem) storage settings
    directory: <target directory on a filesystem>

        username: <Docker Registry username>
        password: <Docker Registry password>
        server-address: <Docker Registry URL>
        image-prefix: <Additional prefix (optional)>


  • key: On-Premise License.

  • log-format: log format - text or json. All logs are printed into the standard output stream (stdout).

  • storage: settings for the selected storage type.

    • For an S3-compatible storage:

      • type: storage type. Must be s3.
      • host: FQDN of the S3-compatible storage endpoint.
      • secure: whether to use HTTPS for interacting with the S3-compatible storage. Default value: false.
      • bucket: bucket name for storing the installation artifacts.
      • access-key: S3 access key.
      • secret-key: S3 secret key.
    • For a file system storage:

      • type: storage type. Must be fs.

      • directory: directory in the file system to which the artifacts will be downloaded.

        To mount a directory to a Docker container, specify the directory path using the -v argument when launching DGCLI (for example, -v <path>:/dgctl-source). See Command-line arguments for more information.

        Directory path must be specified in the form that is accessible from inside the Docker container. Arguments listed in the list of command-line arguments are designed to work with path /dgctl-source (for pull mode) or /dgctl-target (for restore mode).

    Important note:

    Only a single storage type's settings can be present in a single configuration file. If you need to run DGCLI for different types of storage, create separate configuration files for them.

  • docker.registry: settings for accessing the Docker Registry.

    • username: username.

    • password: password.

    • server-address: registry URL.

    • image-prefix: additional prefix under which the On-Premise images will be stored.

      All On-Premise images downloaded using DGCLI have a preset prefix 2gis-on-premise. You do not need to specify it here.


    If the selected usage scenario of DGCLI does not involve using the registry, this configuration section may be omitted.