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Keys and tokens

On-Premise solution uses several types of keys and tokens.

Keys types

On-Premise License is used by DGCLI to download On-Premise installation artifacts, and [License service] (/en/on-premise/architecture/services/license) to control access to other services.

On-Premise License is issued when you purchase the On-Premise solution and is tied to a specific set of On-Premise services.

API keys

API keys are used by end-user applications to access deployed On-Premise services.

API keys are generated by the administrator of the API Keys service using the admin interface.

Service tokens are used by On-Premise services to communicate with the API Keys service in order to validate API keys and perform other operations.

Service tokens are generated after the installation of the API Keys service and are unique to each service instance. Administrator of the API Keys service cannot generate new tokens, only use the existing ones to set up the On-Premise services that work with API keys.