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System requirements

  • General purpose software

    • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    • Kubernetes: 1.21
    • Docker Engine: 20.10.*
    • Docker Registry: 2.*
  • Data storage software

    • Apache Cassandra: 4.*
    • Apache Kafka: 3.0.* with Apache ZooKeeper 3.6.3
    • PostgreSQL: 14._ with extensions PostGIS 3.3, JsQuery 1._, plpgsql 1.*, pg_trgm 1.4
    • Redis: 6.* (stable release)
    • S3-compatible storage: e.g., Ceph: 14.2.22
    • Elasticsearch: 7.*

The performance requirements for the system on which the On-Premise complex should be run are specified in the Helm charts. To check requirements for each service of the complex, go to a corresponding folder in the GitHub repository, open the values.yaml file, and find the resources settings:

Code Example

        cpu: 10m
        memory: 32Mi
        cpu: 500m
        memory: 256Mi


  • requests: the minimum amount of resources required to run the service.
  • limits: the maximum amount of resources that can be allocated to run the service.
  • cpu: the number of cores. If the value is specified as Xm, it is converted to millicores.
  • memory: the amount of RAM in mebibytes (Mi).

Important Note:

The system requirements mentioned above are approximate, provided for informational purposes, and intended for test deployments.

When planning the installation, please contact Urbi to obtain calculations suitable for your environments and needs.