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Adding external maps

You can link a map from external source (for example, satellite images) in the WMS/WMTS format. New data overlays the main Urbi map and is displayed as a separate map style.

  1. On the start page, click the Style manager icon.

  2. Select Add source.

  3. Fill in the external source information:

    Map from external source
    • Link: URL to obtain the map.

    • Thumbnail (optional): image to represent the linked map in the style manager. You can upload any image or use the default one.

    • Source type: how the data is presented in the source (on the link above). Available options:

      • WMS: to dynamically retrieve geographic data as images binded to a location.
      • WMTS: to obtain cached images.
      • Mapbox: tileset provider (access token is required).
    • Style name: new style name to be displayed in the style manager.

    • Copyright: copyright text if the external source requires adding it. Will be displayed in the bottom-left corner of the map.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Select one of the included layers to display.

Selecting layer
  1. Click Add.


You can add not more than three external sources.

Applied map
  1. Hover over the external map thumbnail and click Menu.
  2. Select Edit and apply necessary changes.

You can display two maps from external sources simultaneously by placing one above the over:

  1. Select the map to be displayed on top:

    1. Hover over the external map thumbnail and click Menu.
    2. Select Overlay the map.
  2. Click the thumbnail of the other external map to be displayed below the first one.

Thumbnails of both selected maps are outlined purple and the top map is labeled with Overlay.

Overlaying maps

To remove the external map overlay, click its thumbnail in the style manager again.

  1. Hover over the external map thumbnail and click Menu icon.
  2. Select Delete.