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Create and display a ruler on the map:

var latLngs = [
    [51.7314, 36.1938],
    [51.7307, 36.1894],
    [51.7297, 36.1926],
    [51.7299, 36.1968],
    [51.7307, 36.1968],
const ruler = DG.ruler().addTo(map);
Factory Usage Description
DG.Ruler( <LatLng[]> latlngs, <Ruler options> options? ) DG.ruler(…) Creates the ruler object by the given array of geographical points and optional object of options.
Option Type Default Description
editable Boolean 'true' Is it possible to change the intermediate points of the ruler.
Method Returns Description
addTo( <Map> map ) this Adds a ruler to the map.
getTotalDistance() Number Returns the distance (in meters) between the start and end points.
addLatLng( <LatLng> latlng ) this Adds a point to the ruler.
setLatLngs( <LatLng[]> latlngs ) this Replaces all the pixels of the ruler with an array of the transferred geographical locations.
getLatLngs() LatLng[] Returns an array of points of the ruler.
spliceLatLngs( <Number> index, <Number> pointsToRemove, <LatLng> latlng?, … ) LatLng[] Allows you to add, remove or replace the points in the ruler. The syntax is similar Array#splice. Returns an array of remote points.